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zondag 24 november 2013

donderdag 21 november 2013

A mailed canvas

From Meg Taney Founds, USA

The colour of mail art ARTIST BOOK

Splendid production
by Rebecca Guyver, UK

The envelope is a museum PROJECT

From Klaus Staeck, Germany

Interventions on envelopes
by Guido Vermeulen

Stamping is exploring the unknown

From Serse Luigetti, Italy

Meanwhile in Tibet

Collaborations between Serse Luigetti and Ruggero Maggi, Italy

How to expand our souls in the moonlight

From Sara Lauwereins, Belgium

Triptych with cat

ATC from Sandra Lefever, Art like art, USA

How to deliver mail and how to travel

From Art like art,
Sandra Lefever, USA

I only have eyes for you, a visual song

From Piet Franzen, The Netherlands

Some old wine in new bags (Flemish expression)

From Otto Sherman, USA

likely spots to paint in a town surrounded by Gingko trees

From Mimi Boothby, Seattle, USA