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zaterdag 27 april 2013

The heartbeat of CHIAPAS

Doc of a project to support the rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico
Promoted by Clemente PaDIN, who else?

Artistamps made by Boog and Joel Cohen (The Sticker Dude / Ragged Edge Press), USA


Doc of a project to support Humberto Nilo, a teacher in Chile who was sacked after introducing a mail art project on freedom in art and education.

Project was supported by AUMA, a network group connecting the efforts of
Cesar Reglero / Boek 861 and Tartarugo in Spain, Clemente Padin in Uruguay, Fernando Garcia Delgado and Vortice in Argentina and Hans Braumuller in Germany (who later moved to Chile).

The project called also to end the impunity of former dictator Pinochet as contrast to what happened to Nilo...

Tribute to José Marti

Doc for the 100th anniversary (1895-1995) of the Cuban rebel José Marti (who wrote Guantanamera)
Coordinated by Clemente Padin and supported by other networkers in Chile and Spain,
resulted in involving 315 mail artists from 38 different countries.

Poemas autorreferentes o autorreflexivos 1998

Publication in Spanish by Clemente Padin with experimental critical and self critical poems

Performances 1970 - 1991

Performance art is a big part of mail art as action art on the street or in public places
often to make statements that challenge the establishment.
Clemente Padin is one of the great performance artists in the network.
It is not a coincidence we met in London because he was invited to attend a performance festival.

The movement ART STRIKE (1990-1993) in which mail artist played a very important role was a challenge to official culture and institutions or like Clemente said: ART STRIKE TO DEMOLISH «serious» culture.

On the other hand NEVER was there produced so much art and mail art as during the ART STRIKE campaign, LoL!

Networking 1995

Doc of project proposed by Clemente Padin

Artistamps from CP

Performance  by CP


Big publication by Padin,
translation in English by Harry Polkinhorn
Light and Dust Poems

Xtra:  the Vispo of Clemente
between 1967 and 1970
with comment by Karl Young

Signo & Ideograma, 1974-1975

Another Vispo pubication by Clemente Padin, Uruguay

Visual Formulation of poetic structures

Vispo and mathematics by Clemente Padin, Uruguay

Latino American Experimental Poetry

Another great publication by Clemente Padin (bilungual Spanish and English) on Vispo experiments between 1950 and 1990


Publication by Clemente Padin, Uruguay
on coding and decoding visual poetry in Latin America
Absolutely fab text and Vispo examples
used by me in a few conferences on Vispo in Belgium

Mail art = SOCIAL ART

Doc of a project proposed by Luc Fierens and Annina Van Sebroeck, Belgium


Doc of a project initiated by Annnina Van Sebroeck
and Luc Fierens, Belgium

a thread of a thread of a web of a web

Zine doc as last good-bye by Dan Landrum, USA
on mail artists and networking and the mail thread of inner connections between them

The equator of colours, 1998

Zine doc of a project proposed by Brigitta Milde, Germany
from Chemnitz -Karl Marx Stadt - became Chemnitz again after the reunification

donderdag 25 april 2013

ARTISTIC FREEDOM, what does that mean?

hi..im arao salamat from the philippines..and i'm making an ART CALL for artists around the world.

I am planning to make a mail art exhibition festival in the Philippines for JUNE 2013..

the theme is  "artists freedom"

The participating artists around the world will be joined by my organization in the 
country called 
MASA(Malalayang Alagad ng Sining at Adhikain) ...

see in FB...the page MASA..

the ART CALL will be postcard size
- 2 works per artist
- no jury,no return
- no fees but you can donate any amount
- exhibition date is JUNE 2013 @ THE A.R.T.BOX
- all works will be documented
- you can submit print,paintings in any media,doodle etc...

you can send the works @ my address

28 jasmin st. dona manuela subdivision,
pamplona tres,las pinas city
1740 metro manila,

deadline: may 2013

at the back of your artwork,,pls. don't forget to write the artwork details like artists name, title of work, medium used, size/dimension of the work,circa made,..

we need or want a thousand entries joined by all races,religion,culture ,and sexuality


First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine.
Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 30/04/2013.

Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com

All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "Tymutopiyapres" which is NOT a commercial gallery!

Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation).
Zines for the exhibition please send air mail:

Lubomyr Tymkiv
A/C 9875,
Sadivnycha 19/1, 
79038, Lviv, 

FRIDA KAHLO 1 - 2 - 3

Book documentation from 2004 project by Italian town of Trezzano Rosa
with the help of mail artist Linda Pelati.
Project on Frida Kahlo.

This idea surfaces regularly in the network, see next entry and the videos of Fatima Queiroz for instance!
FQ made 2 videos with art and mail art tributes to Kahlo.
One can be seen on the back of each page of my LAMUSAR blog



MAILART-PROJECT: Theme " what has Frida (Kahlo) in her mind?"

Send us your artwork regarding our theme " Frida " by regular mail.

Technique: free (no audio, video or perishable material.)

Size: 13 x 18cm or 15 x 18

Add at back of work the following data: Tittle, Author, Address, e-mail, etc.

Quantity: Free

No deadline


Alejandra Beron

Uspallata 673 p.b. 3

C. P. (1143) CABA


Doc on a blog:


Arthole was another of these great assemblies and compilations magazines
put together by BOOG in the USA

Very anarchist in concept: send 5 to 20 graphical works for a compilation

This issue of Arthole came 2gether because I mailed 13 works on maps

With some great quotes on DADA like

Dada will survive only by ceasing to exist! (Blosche)

Dada is useless, like everything else in life (Tristan Tzara)

Every page must explode (Francis Picabia)

DE NAR 1994

DE NAR (The joker) was an anarchist zine who did and documented a mail art project in 1994
Brussels, Belgium. Organizer was Ulrike Ulrike. Very well presented and conceived doc!

The topic of the project was Face-Lift


Booklet doc of project proposed by Fan Mail, GD Luxemburg

Imagine/remember/fantasize what your town looked like in the 1950’s

Doc of a project proposed by Historians Anonymous, USA
Splendid cover art work from Darko Vulic, Switzerland


Doc of a mail art collaborations project proposed by Keiichi Nakamura, Japan

On the cover works by JC Synthetics, UK and Chuk, USA

I met JC S in London