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woensdag 31 juli 2013

Collaborative artistamps, 1986

From Jon and Arturo, USA

Potmarks 1977 - 1990

From John Held Jr, USA

Rubber stamp art

From John Held Jr, USA

Correspon-dance mail art at Lincart

from the archives of John Held Jr
including pieces of Ray Johnson, Cavellini and others

The wedding chair, dispatched by John Held Jr

Geoffrey Hendricks & Sur Rodney, wedding chair, 1995

The Green series

From Kerosene, Canada

Are you a mail artist?

From Roland Halbritter, Germany


Fusion of collage and drawing by Robert Varlez, Belgium

Sombres pensées

Fusion of collage and painting by Jo Hubert, Belgium

woensdag 24 juli 2013

5 woodcuts

From Emilio Carrasco, Mexico

Alter Brain cell 861, please!

From Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

DESEJOS project 2013

From Ana Marta Austin, Brasil

Windows on Trees

From Amy Irwen, USA

Licensed number plate to take me to your leader

From Keith S Chambers, USA

IUOMA has 25 years

From Mariana Serban, Romania

A collection of poems

From Matthew Stolte, USA

Beat the birthday drums

From Roberto Scala, Italy

See you soon, envelope and collection of ATC's

From Tatiana Makarova in Russia