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zondag 31 maart 2013

NUMERO, 1997 to 1999

NUMERO was perhaps the first zine
where mail art was debated on a more serious level
than the daily pratice of mailing correspondence art.

Initiated by WILFRIED NOLD in Germany,
the zine stopped after 6 issues...
Perhaps the people who instigated the fake
mail art projects in this period were responsible for
the downfall of NUMERO.

Gianni Simone, an Italian living in Japan,
continued with Nold’s Numero spirit
by editing KAIRAN, conceived really as a follow up of Numero.

Some of the other contributors to the Numero issues were:
Henning Mittendorf, Theo Breuer, Merlin, Hans Braumuller, Hartmut Andryczuk, Peter Netmail, Wolf Dieckmann, Lutz Wohlrab, Thomas Stemmer, Erich Wilker, Reinhard Hammann, Michael Fox, Harald Germer
Ruud Janssen, Marlies Mulders
Global Mail, John Held Jr, Joel  Cohen, Juliana Martinez, Anna Banana
Guy Bleus, José Vandenbroucke, Guido Vermeulen
Stepen Perkins, Marta Aitchinson, Michael Lumb, Michael Leigh
Frank Jensen, Witta Kiessling Jensen
Tiziana Barracchi
Partisan d’Amour
Manuel Ruiz Ruiz
Darko Vulic, Le peintre Nato
Dmitry Bulatov
Bernhard Zilling
Ryosuke Cohen
Cesar Reglero Campos

or a mix of voices in dialogue from networkers of countries like Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, UK, Italy, France,, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Chile